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The Resurgence of Native British Breeds of Beef Cattle.

Bull Assessment and Prediction of Genetic Merit.

Vaynol Cattle: lessons to be learned from a very small population.

Shetland Cattle: an Islands breed abroad.

Rare Breeds of Horses and Ponies.

Diversity in European Pigs

The Saddleback Family of Pig Breeds.

Colour Inheritance in Sheep.

A Review of Hebridean Sheep.

Criteria for the Recognition and Prioritisation of Breeds of Special Genetic Importance.

The Impact of Reproductive Technologies on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources.

The Status of Endangered Native Breeds in the UK and Europe.

Maintaining Genetic Integrity: the effects of grading-up and inbreeding.

Foot-and-Mouth disease in the United Kingdom 2001: its cause, control and consequences.

New Books ABoDhb  

A Breed of Distinction.

Signed Hardback


New Books ABoDsb  

Abreed of Distinction.

Signed Softback


New Books RBhb  

Rare Breeds  Currently out of Stock

Signed Hardback


New Books StBhb  

Saving the Breeds.

Signed Hardback.


Reference Books EncAg  

Encyclopedia of Agriculture


Reference Books Cal30  

Racing Calendar 1930


Reference Books Cal36  

Racing Calendar 1936


Reference Books Cal37  

Racing Calendar 1937


Reference Books Cal38  

Racing Calendar 1938.


Reference Books Cal39  

Racing Calendar 1939


Reference Books GSB33  

General Studbook 1933


Reference Books BBR39  

Bloodstock Breeder's Review 1939


Reference Books BBR46  

Bloodstock Breeder's Review 1946


Reference Books BBR66  

Bloodstock Breeder's Review 1966


Reference Books ArPol  
Arabian Horses in Poland and Their Genealogical Charts.

Second Hand Books GenCons1  
Genetic Conservation of Domestic Livestock. Volume 1.

Second Hand Books GenCons2  
Genetic Conservation of Domestic Livestock. Volume 2.

Second Hand Books RBsb  
Rare Breeds. Shire series.

Second Hand Books Obs  
Observers Book of Farm Animals

Second Hand Books EndEqu  
Conservation Genetics of Endangered Horse Breeds.

Second Hand Books OldPig  
The Old Pig.

Second Hand Books ShetBr  
Shetland Breeds


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