Lawrence Alderson welcomes you to his website

Find here on the following pages an evolving and eclectic mix of current topics and historical records which develops further whenever a question or discussion stimulates new thoughts. In particular see 

There are my current and historical blogs, details of my books with issues relating to protection of our rural heritage and conservation of biodiversity, all of which have critical significance for our future.

Misinformation pervades almost all the major issues which threaten life on Earth and I seek to set the record straight on those that lie within the compass of my interest and expertise. 


Breeding the Best (ancient White Park cattle have a 10,000-year published mitochondrial provenance but also hold the key to a sustainable future); KDP Amazon 

Anarchy or Establishment (an unauthorised no-holds-barred biography of the pioneer of saving rare breeds); Hayloft Publishing 


The Quest to Conserve Rare Breeds (setting straight the historical record since 1950 with a frighteningly honest look forward to 2050) published in 2020 by CABI publishing (;